Feeney Featured Project: Art Steedle Container Bar


DesignRail® Panel Infill and Wood Grain Top Rail featured in this fabulous shipping container to create the perfect modern distressed industrial hangout space! Art Steedle, owner of Steedle Brothers Construction, used several of Feeney’s products, including Laser-Cut Aluminum and Stainless Steel Mesh Panel Infill, to surround the rooftop deck with hot tub, combined with CableRail on the attached staircase. The bar was constructed at his company site located in the Los Angeles harbor area close to Long Beach. Art’s goal with the project was to create a space at his shop where his team could unwind at the end of the day and enjoy the bar, sit in the hot tub or lawn chairs, and chat about the day. For more on this project: http://media.feeneyinc.com/blog/feeney-project-showcase-art-steedles-container-bar https://bit.ly/feeneyhouzz2020

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